Neil Lowes Drainage Ltd operates a 24 hour, 7 days a week emergency response service making sure your drains keep flowing. 

Our engineers are passionate and motivated, making sure your issues are resolved quickly and professionally. 

 High Pressure Drain Cleaning

High Pressure Water Jetting

We have a range of jetting equipment to deal with any situation, from combinaton units to vans.



Remote Control High Pressure Jetting System

The Rioned remote control high pressure jetting system allows one man operation and with its powerful pump means we can undertake specialist de-scaling work and drain cleaning in areas that are difficult to reach.


Certified Engineers

Our engineers are fully trained and certified operators, who have considerable, varied experience using high pressure water jetting systems. 

Drainage Blockage Clearance

Blocked Drain Before

The first visible signs of a blocked drain may indicate that a problem has been present for a while. It is important to find a solution as quickly as possible to ensure the problem can be dealt with effectively . If it is left it could result in flooding, which could lead to higher costs and more damage.



Our mobile High Pressure Water Jetting vans enable us to unblock drains faster and more effectively.  

Drainage Pumps

Neil Lowes Drainage Ltd can repair and install all types of Drainage Pumps in domestic and commercial settings.


Sewage Pump

 When a sewage pump needs repairing, often due to a build up of grease, fat or unflushables, the float switches become stuck, causing the pump to run continuously or not at all, leading to flooding.

Chambers can be situated above or below ground, and so require a specialist engineer to investigate, repair, service, and replace any parts when required.


Surface Water Pump

Surface water pumps are used to remove surface water, and so when the pump fails, it can lead to flooding, potentially causing untold damage to buildings. Our experienced engineers can service and repair all types of surface water pumps.

Borehole Pump

A borehole pump is used to pump clean water from deep underground. Your borehole pump may have a build up of limescale and debris, or have broken valves or filters. We are fully equipped and able to help whatever the problem.

Ground Water Pump

A ground water pump is used to pump and remove water that has collected in a designated water collection sump. They are often used in cellars or basements to prevent ground water flooding.

It is important to have your ground water pump inspected regularly to ensure it will work efficiently when it is required.

Drainage Pump Installation

We work with industry leading pump manufacturers to provide you with the most suitable pump for your application.

Drainage Pump Maintenance

We carry out maintenance & cleaning checks to ensure the pumps are running smoothly and effectively.

Drainage Pump Repair

If you have pump failure, we will get it repaired as quickly as possible, to minimise down time.

Borehole Pump Repair

Pump Refurbishments & Upgrades 

 Pump refurbishment and upgrades may be necessary to reduce maintenance costs and to improve pumping efficiency. 

Neil Lowes Drainage Ltd have successfully refurbished many pumping stations by replacing dry well shaft pumps and ageing submersible pumps.

Submersible Pump Refurbishment

Before and After photos of Refurbishments.

Sewage Plant Repairs and Servicing

Sewage treatment is the process of removing contaminants from waste water, from properties not on a main sewer system. Physical, chemical and biological processes are used to remove contaminants to produce treated waste water that is safer for the environment.



We are able to repair, service, clean, de-sludge and install all types of sewage treatment plants. 

Confined Space Entry

Our confined space engineers are highly trained and regularly undertake a number of varied projects for industrial contractors. 





We will provide suitable certifed confined space access & rescue equipment. We compile risk assessments & method statements.

CCTV Drain Survey & Investigation

Sometimes troubleshooting why a drain system is not working is not immediately obvious, and it is difficult to gauge. CCTV drain investigations are used to examine pipes and obtain a detailed view without having to excavate the surrounding areas or remove existing pipes. 

If the blockage or damage is immediatelly identified, we can then arrange to take the next step to repair.







CCTV drain survey image 

 Grease Trap Refurbishments and Repairs

Grease traps are important in all commerical kitchens to ensure your food service environment runs smoothly and safely. Grease traps also prevent blockages and odour issues.

Grease traps need to be properly cleaned, maintained and serviced so that costly problems are avoided. The environment agency estimates that nearly half of all the 400,000 sewer blockages which occur annually are caused by fats, oils and grease.

Grease traps are required in all food service facilities. They are a plumbing device that prevent fats, oils and grease (FOG) from entering the public sewer system. It is important to get regular services to prevent the grease trap from getting too full.

Let us take care of your Grease trap. Call us today to arrange for an engineer to visit  and advise on the correct grease trap and contract service. We will also provide you with the enviromental dosing liquids which can get delivered straight to you.






Pipes in a kitchen without a Grease trap being installed.




Tanker and Combination Unit Hire

Neil Lowes Drainage Ltd can now offer liquid waste, sewage disposal and high volume jetting. Our combination unit is fully equipped with high pressure jetting equipment. 

Our powerful Scania R580 JHL Flexline Combination Unit is fitted with high volume vacuum and jetting pumps, which enables us to remove liquid waste long distances from the vehicle.

-Pumping Stations

-Cesspit / Septic Tank Maintenance


-Underground Drainage Systems 

-Soakaway Cleaning

-Gully Cleaning

-Large Pipe Cleaning

Enviromental Waste Management

Our combination unit is capable of cleaning and sevicing interceptor waste 

-Car wash waste

-Oily waste

-Interceptor waste

Our liquid waste removal service is quick, safe and efficient. We provide enviroment agency consignment papers which prove the waste has been disposed of correctly.


Whether you require us for a major project or just a one off service, we have the knowledge and experience to provide you with a professional service.



  • ​Pump installation, pump supply, service and repair.
  • Pump station design & installation.


  • Cleaning & maintenance.
  • Supply & installation of all types of grease traps.
  • Supplier of dosing pumps & bio culture dosing liquids.
  • Existing grease trap refurbishments & repairs.
  • Installation of underground tanks & interceptors.


  • Installation of all types of sewage treatment plants.
  • Repairs & servicing.
  • Cleaning & de-sludging.


  • Interceptor emptying.
  • Gully emptying.
  • Sewage disposal.
  • Commercial wet waste.
  • Septic tank & cesspool emptying.


  • CCTV Surveys.
  • Drain mapping.
  • Drain location.
  • Drainage investigations & repairs.


  • Blockages.
  • Drain cleaning.
  • Specialist de-scaling.
  • Root cutting. 
  • Culvert cleaning.

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